Glamping in Antarctica

Forget the low-cost vacations to Bali and Phuket, or the novelty holiday to countries in Europe or the UK – imagine spending your sabbatical in the Antarctic, teeming with milky majesty and a definite one of a kind experience. The team at Whitedesert guarantees this – an organisation borne from dual sensations of defeat and beauty, with its founders experiencing personal and gripping consequences in the wintry tundras of Antarctica but more importantly acknowledging its supreme allure. These individuals now extend their rare experience to the rest of the world that would otherwise not normally come across such wonder.


Whitedesert offers 3 breath-taking adventures, so they have coined, to instill the beauty and awe-inspiring scenery the Antarctic has to offer.

Adventures 1 and 2: Emperors and South Pole, Mountain and Emperors

Adventure 1 consists an 8-day trip that involves the sights of the Emperor Penguins and a flight to the lowest point on Earth, the Geographic South Pole whilst Adventure 2 takes you into the mountains near the camp, without missing out on the penguin sights.  The trip entails a 5.5-hour flight from Cape Town International airport into the Antarctic Circle where your wanderlust will effectively be quenched. The camps provided by Whitedesert are the ideal ones – relaxing and handy, with the perfect cosiness that redefines the conventional “camp” setting.

Whitedesert Camp

Pods are provided for you to reside in – with a twist – these pods are spacious and humongous, fitting two per pod.


These pods are 20 feet in diameter and are furnished with writing desks, a wash area, and a toilet. Apart from these functions, these pods relay a rustic and vintage feel amidst a fairytale-inspiring backdrop that adds wonders to the experience. The rest of the camp areas comprise shower pods, kitchen pods, and custom made tents that aid the outdoor experience by infusing both style and convenience to the entire affair.




Whitedesert hones their services and experience-giving in ways that tailor to your wants and needs. They possess experienced field guides that can suggest numerous activities for you to choose from regardless of the strenuosity of the activity – be it adrenaline inducing hikes or relaxed walks to the local science bases or even calming picnics with your companions.

Emperor Penguins

Simply a two-hour flight from the main camp will lead you to a colony of over 6000 penguins and their chicks – truly a sight to behold. The penguins are deemed to be unafraid of humans and will come into close proximity to you, allowing you to digest this wonderful experience that much more.



Geographic South Pole – Highlight of Activity 1

The first order of business on what might just be the highlight of Adventure 1, is the landing on the polar plateau with the chance to explore the vast landscape and truly marvel at its immense spatial quality. The following landmark is the Amundsen-Scott American Science Station, where after reaching a designated marker, you will find yourself at the lowest point on Earth – something not everyone can lightly say.

Mountains – Highlight of Activity 2


Led, of course, by an experienced guide, tourists get to explore the expanse of the Shirmacher Oasis. Many small peaks, climbs, and walkways entail the mountain trek that you can look forward to, not forgetting the exhilarating view and the towering ice formations that will warm your soul immediately amidst the cold.

Adventure 3: Greatest Day

Whitedesert guarantees this the best package to explore the interior of this wintry paradise in a day.


Upon arrival, Guesthouse, a camp comprising of four wooden chalets will greet you – complete with functional furnishings, bedrooms, and even a sauna. Guides will update you on the array of activities you can select from after which most of the morning will be reserved for the scenic outdoor and view depending on your activity and here’s the best part – you will return to the Guesthouse for a sumptuous champagne lunch served by the chef.


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