Hello Kitty Orchid Garden: 24-hour Hello Kitty Cafe Opens in Singapore

Set to open its doors to the public on 12th May 2016 (Thursday) at 11:30am, Singapore welcomes its first Hello Kitty Cafe at Changi Airport Terminal 3’s Arrival Hall. Specially designed to emulate Singapore’s lush ‘garden city’ vibe, Hello Kitty Orchid Garden also draws inspiration from the country’s national flower – the orchid.
Conveying a sophisticated, elegant and feminine feel and concept, the cafe – also the world’s first 24-hour Hello Kitty cafe – offers both locals and tourists round-the-clock respite with a selection of delectable food and beverages in a rustic and whimsical setting. Decked out in purple, green and white hues as well as an array of lush blooms, the cafe would feature all-day breakfast delights, hearty mains, desserts, and are all served on beautiful wooden boards and cutlery specially customised with the exclusive cafe logo.
Introducing Singapore-exclusive Hello Kitty mascot and merchandises as well as a locally-inspired menu, Hello Kitty Orchid Garden would make for a memorable dining experience with many firsts for fans of this popular Sanrio character. Fans and diners can also look forward to posing with 3D life-sized figurines of Hello Kitty in various designated photo spots, and at the same time, bring home momentos from the cafe’s retail corner.
Big Breakfast Surprise (SGD $18.50)
One of the three all-day breakfast items on the menu, the Big Breakfast Surprise comprises of creamy scrambled eggs, Shiitake mushrooms as well as smoked duck slices, and is paired with an adorable kitty-shaped waffle that is topped with cheese and homemade honey lime maple syrup.
Hola Nachos! (SGD $15.90)
One of ‘Kitty’s Favourite’ (Recommended) items on the menu, the Hola Nachos comprises of crunhy tortilla chips topped with parmesan, jalapenos, onions, olives as well as tomato salsa. The tangy side dish makes for a good sharing item or snack.
Into The Woods (SGD $12.90)
Flavourful chicken sausages wrapped in pastry skin and baked golden brown, the crispy yet fluffy dish is served with homemade roasted sesame dressing for an added pack of flavour punch.
Oops Kitty Did It Again! (SGD $10.50)
Peeled-cut fries served with a sprinkle of Himalayan pink salt and parmesan cheese, the classic side dish is served with a unique truffle ketchup sauce that complements the fries extremely well.
Let’s Do The Salsa (SGD $16.50)
Inspired by popular Spanish dish that is well-received in Singapore, the salsa sandwich consists of shredded chicken, creamy melted cheese, japanenos, lettuce, tomatoes, Japanese cucumber and olives topped with homemade taco mayonnaise – all wedged in between two slices of adorable kitty-shaped toasted focaccia bread.
Cowabunga Wagyu! (SGD $24.00)
Renowned for its distinctively rich flavour, the wagyu beef slices are slow-cooked in a rich and thick Rendang gravy. The dish is completed with a potpourri of diced onions, pineapples, carrots, cherry tomatoes, and is served with kitty-shaped Japanese rice alongside some Mesclun salad drizzled with Ponzu sauce.
Cumbernade (SGD $7.90)
One of the iced fruit sodas served in the cafe, the Cumbernade – as the name suggests – consists of cucumber, lemonade as well as soda. Suitable for the sweltering weather in Singapore, these refreshing iced sodas are available in four other flavours (watermelon, raspberry, peach and lavender) are also available in the cafe, priced at $7.90 each.
Desserts (SGD $4.90++)
Other than an array of delectable mains and side dishes, the cafe serves up a variety of decadent desserts including soft serve frozen yogurt, cakes as well as gelato. Desserts are in available in various flavours.
Fans can anticipate a range of seasonal Singapore-exclusive merchandises that are available for purchase at the cafe – including Hello Kitty inspired tea blends, coffee bean packs, grow-it-yourself plant kits, postcards as well as Singapore-exclusive Hello Kitty mascot plush toys.
Hello Kitty Orchid Garden
Changi Airport Terminal 3 Arrival Hall
1 Changi Business Park Ave 1
Singapore 486058
Business Hours
Opens 24 hours daily
Instagram: @hellokittycafesingapore

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