How To Create WEBSITE In WordPress Step By Step In 2020 – WebCREATE (13)

Most themes, wordpress slow plugins and social media add-ons use a lot of JavaScript which is by default loaded first when accessing a site. Obviously one can create a new WP site using the WP CLI tool and as an additional benefit also have a “script” that can be used to recreate that site at a later time.

This is one of the techniques recommended by Google Developers that is often overlooked. One thing that you should keep in mind is that gzip compression may slightly increase CPU usage. Enabling gzip compression via .htaccess file (recommended). You can copy the code, including “—–BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY—–” and “—–END RSA PRIVATE KEY—–” headings, paste it to the text file and save as the “.txt” or the “.key” file.

  • Save the file wp-config.php
  • Multiple site support
  • Publish your changes and view the page
  • AdSanity – Top WordPress Plugin for Ads

In short, gzip compression works by finding similar strings in a text file and replacing it temporarily, resulting in a smaller file size. HTML and CSS files have a lot of repetitive text and spaces, making gzip compression very effective. GTMetrix and other optimization tools suggest removing query strings from CSS and JS in order to improve caching of those elements.

Last but not least, in order to have a successful WordPress site, you must harden its security. It’s probably been more than a year since that last happened. A more detailed WordPress tutorial can be found here. 3. Install the WordPress Importer. Log in to your WordPress dashboard. If you host at Kinsta, you can enable it right from your dashboard.

It could have been right out there in the Dashboard, so why not do it that way? Enabling gzip compression for a WordPress website is a great way to increase speed and performance. Enabling gzip compression via WordPress plugins, such as GZip Ninja Speed. Hint: WordPress does not go down. A detailed guide on how to locate such images and scale them down can be found here. For more specific information you may refer to this guide for WordPress. You can find a detailed guide on how to implement this plugin and optimize your WordPress images here.

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