Invisible, Glow-In-The-Dark Tattoos in Singapore!

Love tattoos but are too afraid to face its societal and professional repercussions? One Instagram user has the solution to all your worries – UV Tattoos! Invisible under normal light, these ultra-futuristic body modifications will literally glow in the dark!

Made with vivid, fluorescent colours and vegan phosphorus-free ink that are difficult to see under normal lighting conditions, these tattoos will only glow under black light.

Coming to life only in places where black lights are a common feature such as nightclubs and bars, these tattoos were designed to remain secret and can be used to enhance traditional tattoos.

Now available in Singapore for a minimum of $150, these dreamy UV tattoos are significantly more time intensive and more expensive than traditional tattoos. However, much like their traditional counterparts, the price of a UV tattoo will range according to design, size, placement and colour.

Interested customers can check out @putsomething.there by Chloe on Instagram to seek inspiration or book an appointment in the home-based tattoo studio near Farrer Park MRT station!

UV Tattoos by Chloe

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