Kuro-Obi is Ippudo's Latest Concept of Affordable Take-Away Ramen

Get a piping hot bowl of Ippudo’s ramen, without the wait. Kuro-Obi is Ippudo’s newest concept, offering the style and quality of its famous ramen experience sans the waiting time and heftier price tag. Evolving their traditional craft into a take-away format, Ippudo’s ramen master has come up with the Tori-paitan, a light, silky chicken soup base ramen dish.

Kuro-Obi exterior

Kuro-obi first started out in New York and was an immediate hit among the busy city-dwellers. KURO-OBI Singapore the first foray outside of New York, and is the only concept by IPPUDO in the world to offer Tori-paitan. Prices start from $8 per bowl, but rest assured, you can expect the same quality as you would in any Ippudo outlet. Unlike the traditional concept of a ramen restaurant, Kuro-obi caters to those who have little time on their hands, allowing them to dine and conquer their tasks at the same time.

Customers can customise the ramen dishes to their preferences, choosing the texture of the noodles, soup concentration, stock richness and condiment add-ons such as garlic and onion. The ramen is served with slow-cooked chicken chashu instead of the traditional pork chashu (heads up Muslim friends!) and features 140 grams of noodles, which is a larger portion than the usual ones served in Ippudo. The thicker noodles also soak up the chicken broth perfectly.


Some signature mainstays at Kuro-Obi include the classic Kuro-Obi ($12) that features an umami egg and three pieces of chicken chashu.


You can turn up the heat with the Aka-Obi ($10) that showcases a spicy base, topped with spicy shrimp floss (like our local hae bee).


For vegetarians, try the Cha-Obi ($9) which is a refreshing ramen bowl of clear vegetable broth and topped off with a medley of vegetables.


Their Shiro-Obi ($8) is a ramen with a thicker and creamier soup base.


Kuro-Obi also serves sides, like the ever-popular Takoyaki (S$5 for 4 pcs; $8 for 8 pcs), containing chunks of octopus and are topped with bonito flakes and powdered aonori.


Besides that, they offer the Karaage (S$5 for 3 pcs; $8 for 5 pcs) – succulent chicken coated with a crispy fried layer.

Marina Bay Sands
2 Bayfront Avenue #B2-54/55
Singapore 018972 (beside Skating Rink)
Opening Hours
Sun – Thu/P.H – 10:30AM – 11PM
(Side Dish Last Order – 10PM / Ramen Last Order – 10:20PM)
Fri & Sat/Eve P.H – 10:30AM – 11:30PM
(Side Dish Last Order – 10:30PM / Ramen Last Order – 10:50PM)

More information on their website and Facebook.

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