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RAZER CASH CARD?! Local Gaming Company Launches World’s First Lit Prepaid Visa Card

Avid gamers would be familiar with Razer Inc’s gaming hardware, but even if you’re not into computer games, this would still be some exciting news for you. Razer has just launched a new prepaid card with Visa that not only offers cashback WHENEVER you pays, but also comes with a unique gamified reward program!


Designed to suit a youth and millennial lifestyle, the card comes with a full range of functions and rewards to create convenience and fun. Not only does the card give you 1% cashback on every single purchase, it also provides up to 5% cashback on RazerStore and Razer Gold purchases with no minimum spend and no cashback limits in place. Discounted gaming gears, anyone?

While the card is virtual, you can upgrade to get a sleek black card that lights up with Razer’s signature green snake logo when used. The gamified reward program will be included in this upgrade as well, and will allow you to make a game out of everyday life by turning daily transactions into quests and rewards.


You can join the Beta program through this link, and be updated about your application status within 7 days. After that, simply download the Razer Pay app to access your new card and enjoy unlimited cashback. Only 1337 spots are available for the Beta program, so hurry while spots last!

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