Refreshing Pastel-Toned Drinks from Ciao! Tea opens in Westgate!

A fresh, new, juicier alternative has recently set up shop at Westgate – Ciao! Tea – bringing us a franchise specializing in fresh fruit juice, tea drinks with fresh fruit, and more renowned and loved, Hong Kong Milk Tea. More than simply just functioning as an outlet selling drinks, Ciao! Tea’s juices glow with vivid colors that satiate half the thirst, leaving the other half for its natural, not artificial, fruity ingredients.
We are unsure if the color palettes are carefully crafted by the outlet but its inventions that range from the pastel and dark to the double-gradient definitely takes the cake presentation-wise, not to mention its thirst-quenching qualities. With full colors and fuller ingredients that materialize into their fresh fruit juices and delicious mixes, Ciao! Tea is sure to deliver.
1. Coconut’s Special (SGD 4.50)


Ciao! Tea’s signature drinks include The Signature Coconut’s Special –  A concoction of bright pink and milky white with tinges of red. These colors are born from the tastes of coconut milk with red dragonfruit – if you’re looking for something rich, creamy and milky with a subtle fruity finish, this drink is the one for you.
2. Orange Red Dragonfruit Juice (SGD 5.50)
On the left is Ciao! Tea’s Orange Red Dragonfruit Juice and its ingredients are as its name suggests – a mixture of Orange and Dragonfruit. Compared to the Coconut’s Special, this concoction tastes comparatively citrus and tangier, making this a suitable choice should you desire something less heavy.
3. Flavoured Milk
From respective flavors from left to right are Ciao! Tea’s Avocado (SGD 3.90), Strawberry (SGD 4.70), Papaya (SGD 3.50) and Watermelon Milk (SGD 3.30), the picture also does not depict a Banana flavored milk choice (SGD 3.30). The pastel colors deliciously evident in these flavored milk drink serve to reinforce our point on the presentation of these drinks that simply make your mouth water.
4. Hong Kong Milk Tea With Pearls (SGD 3.70)
Yet another classic drink of Ciao! Tea’s, the taste of the Hong Kong Milk Tea is not foreign to Singaporeans. Widely pervaded and well-loved by most, the outlet’s rendition takes theirs a notch higher with the packaging and once again, their all-appealing color.
3 Gateway Dr
#02-K3 Westgate
Singapore 608532

Opening Hours:
Mondays to Sundays
: 10am – 10pm
Instagram: @ciaoteasg

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