The Populus Coffee & Food Co.
The Populus Coffee & Food Co. is a new establishment by the same people behind the well-received Department of Caffeine and coffee roastery 2Degrees North Coffee Co.
Situated in the heart of Tanjong Pagar where it is home to a number of other popular cafes, it is not difficult to spot Populus Cafe with its minimalistic and industrial-chic design. The week-old cafe is fast becoming a popular spot for cafe-hoppers and already favoured by many users on Instagram for its ambience, food selection and speciality coffees.
The Populus Scramble (SGD $17)
Creamy and fluffy scramble eggs served with a buttery and fluffy croissant along with the accompaniment pieces of crispy bacon, herb melange and marinated feta, The Populus Scramble is one of the signature items on the menu and increasingly popular with the morning crowd as a breakfast choice.
Spring Pancake and Fried Chicken (SGD $21)
Served with a fusion twist, the Spring Pancake and Fried Chicken is an interesting combination of Asian-style spring onion and corn pancakes together with deep fried crispy chicken. This dish is topped off with some pea sprouts and a generous amount of ranch dressing.
Lemon and White Chocolate Sundae (SGD $13)
A combination of Tahitian vanilla ice cream, lemon jelly, white chocolate sauce, meringue kisses, white chocolate crumbs, citron mascarpone, popping candies and cornflake crumbles, the Lemon and White Chocolate Sundae has a unique blend of citrusy sweetness and salty creaminess.
Populus Cold Brew (SGD $6-8)
Brewed using coffee beans from 2 Degrees North Coffee, the Populus Cold Brew closely resembles a glass of whiskey and is full-bodied without a strong aftertaste.
146 Neil Road
Singapore 088875
Business Hours
Monday to Sunday: 10am to 6pm (Tentative – soft launch)
Instagram: @thepopuluscafe

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