The Ultimate Comparison Guide To The Best Hot Pots In Singapore!

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Hot Pot Restaurant Guide (2)
When it comes to Chinese hot pots, there are plenty of requirements that a restaurant needs to fulfil for a truly satisfying steamboat experience. Think quality and variety of ingredients, soup bases, condiments, bonus services, convenience, and of course, price point.
Because we take our hot pots very seriously, we’ve created a comprehensive guide on some of the most popular à la carte hot pot restaurants in Singapore. Their qualities are all listed out side by side in a table format for easy comparison, so fellow hot-pot lovers, go ahead and suss out the best hot pot restaurant of your choice!  
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Hai Di Lao Beauty In The Pot Shang Pin Upin Long Qing Da Miao Spice World Li Xiang Lan
Speciality – Tomato Broth

– Hand-pulled noodle show

– Very good service eg. massage and manicure while waiting
– Beauty collagen broths made with shark cartilage – Pig’s Stomach & Chicken Broth – Face- changing performance

– Hand-pulled noodle show– 100% natural tomato soup
– MSG-free broths
No service charge
– Face-changing performance

– Cooked snacks to munch on while waiting for your hot pot to boil
– No artificial flavours, MSG or flavour enhancer

– Soup bases are first prepared in Sichuan China, then air-flown to Singapore

– Instagrammable dishes
– Ice-Herb Tea Soup Enhancer that consists of 72 nourishing frozen herbs to combat “heatiness” of broth
Soup Bases 1) Mala
2) Tomato
3) Mushroom
4) Chicken
5) Pickled Vegetables
6) Seafood
1) Beauty Collagen
2) Spicy Nourishing
3) Wild Pine Mushroom
4) Cooling Coconut
5) Herbal Chicken
6) Tomato Sweet Corn
1) Mala
2) Tomato
3) Mushroom
4) Pig’s Stomach & Chicken
5) Chicken
6) Sichuan Sour Fish
7) Pork
1) Sichuan Spicy
2) Tomato
3) Mushroom 4) Pork Bone 5) Boiled Fish
6) Herbal Chicken
1) Mala
2) Tomato
3) Wild Mushroom
4) Lotus root & Lily bulb
5) Pork bone
6) Shark’s Fin Melon Herbal
1) Mala
2) Tomato
3) Pork Bone
4) Mushroom
1) Mala
2) Tomato
3) Mushroom
4) Pig Tripe & Chicken
5) Pork, chicken & duck
6) Tom-yam
7) Curry
1) Clear Mala
2) Butter Mala  3) Tomato4) Mushroom5) Pork Bone
6) Pickled Vegetables7) Laksa
Special ingredients Oysters and crabs

Hand-pulled noodles

Chinese delicacies like Pig Brain, Blood Cubes, Pork Trotters, Goat Eyes
Wagyu beef
Kurobuta pork
Australian beef tongue
Premium lamb shoulder meat
American Wagyu Beef
Japanese Kurobuta Pork
Live Crab
Chinese delicacies like Fresh Bullfrog, Fresh Ox Tongue, and Braised Pork Intestines
Iberico Pork Collar
U.S. Short rib
Grain Fed Angus beef shabu shabu
Desserts like their famous Crispy Taro Ball
King Crab
Australia Prime Beef
Boston Pork Neck

Cooked food like Egg Fried Rice and Minced Meat Dumplings
One Metre-Long Mutton Slices
Hello Kitty / Teddy Bear Mala Butter
Premium Barbie Australian Wagyu Beef Slices
Handmade Knife Cut Noodles
Spanish Black Pork
American Wagyu Beef

Seafood Platter
Condiments DIY sauce bar for $4
Includes sides like pickles, porridge, and fruits
DIY sauce bar & fruits for $3.80 DIY sauce bar & fruits for $3 DIY sauce bar & fruits for $3 FOC FOC DIY sauce bar & fruits for $4
DIY sauce bar & fruits for $3
Single Broth Price Mala $18
Tomato $16
Mushroom $18
Chicken $22
Pickled Vegetables $18
Seafood $16
Laksa $14
Pig’s Stomach & Chicken $24
Beauty Collagen $28
Spicy Nourishing $22
Wild Pine Mushroom $14
Cooling Coconut $18
Herbal Drunken Chicken $22
Tomato Sweet Corn $14
Mala $16
Tomato $16
Mushroom $12
Pig’s Stomach & Chicken $20
Chicken $14
Sichuan Sour Fish $20
Sichuan Spicy $18
Tomato $14
Mushroom $14
Pork Bone $18
Boiled Fish $12
Herbal Chicken $15
Every broth is $17 Mala $22
Tomato $20
Mushroom  $20
Pork Bone $20
Mala $19.90
Tomato $16.90
Mushroom $18.90
Pig Tripe & Chicken $19.90
Pork, chicken & duck $15.90
Tom-yam $16.90
Kitty / Teddy Bear Spicy Butter $9.90
Clear Mala $20
Butter Mala $22
Tomato $18
Mushroom $18
Pork Bone $20
Pickled Vegetables $22
Laksa $18
Ice Herb Tea Soup Enhancer: $30
Convenience 8 outlets
Open till: 6AM
2 outlets
Open till: 3AM – 6AM
2 outlets
Open till: 12AM
3 outlets
Open till: 12AM – 3AM
1 outlet
Open till: 11PM
1 outlet
Open till: 5.30AM
1 outlet
Open till: 4AM
1 outlet
Open till: 4.30AM

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