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We Tried the New Tiger Sugar Black Sugar Popcorn – And Here’s Our Honest Review!

Tiger Sugar has recently launched their very own Black Sugar Popcorn and as your resident foodie, I feel obligated to do a taste test for all of you! Here’s our very honest review(no, this is not a sponsored post) – no cap!

These were the judging criteria:
1) Taste (_/5)

2) Price (_/5)

We did a “smell” test first, and honestly, it is reminiscent of Garrett Popcorn’s Caramel corns. Expectedly, it is as crunchy and sweet as caramel popcorn, however, the strong milk tea flavour kicked in and we must say, it is close to Tiger Sugar’s brown sugar milk tea. There’s a subtle saltiness that comes with the popcorn, which I personally did not like. Overall, it has a nice crispy texture, but a rather confusing flavour.

Here’s my verdict:

1) Taste-wise, I would give it a 2.5/5! (Tiger Sugar fans, please don’t come for me!!)

2) Price: 4/5 

For a rather “hype” product, S$3.90 is kind of cheap! We also heard that you can get it for S$3.50 with every purchase of their bubble tea!

You can view a full list of Tiger Sugar outlets here!

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