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Weird Finds On Carousell That Make Us Question Humanity… A Lot!

One fine day, as we were scrolling through Carousell for some phase 2-worthy outfits, we saw a bunch of weird items that really left us scratching our heads. From half-eaten prata to homemade wigs made of real hair, we promise that you will be as confused as we are after this article!

1. Half-Eaten Prata


Yep… because when you’re too full to finish your prata, the first thing that should come to your mind is to sell it on carousell!

2. Hardcore Love Attraction Elixir


With this magic elixir, it seems like “We Are Getting Back Together” after all. Booyah, Taylor Swift! However, looking at the price… maybe not.

3. USED Men’s Swimming Trunks


Seems like someone isn’t taking personal hygiene seriously… USED swimming trunks? GROSS!

4. Gym Air


Any of you fitness junkies who “Miss the smell of sweat, purifier and air con…”?? I know that circuit breaker drives us to do crazy things but this… Thanks but no thanks! 

5. A Drawing Of Santorini


Perhaps artists are essential after all… #SupportLocalArtists

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