Yakiniku-Oh Geon Serves up Melt-In-Your-Mouth Wagyu Cuts That Are Air-Flown from Japan
A Yakiniku experience is commonly referred to the Japanese style of cooking bite-sized meat and vegetables on gridirons over flames of wood charcoals.
Yakiniku-Oh Geon, which officially opened on 3rd November 2016, is not an unfamiliar name. It’s sister outlet, Washoku Geon at Vivocity has been drawing a loyal crowd, serving affordable Japanese curry rice, ramen, Kalsen Dons and the likes.
Both the owner and his chef are Japanese – they seek to use only top quality ingredients air-flown from Hokkaido, Japan. Nihonga (Japanese-styled paintings) were tastefully drawn up to the walls, with half the restaurant set up to accommodate customers who prefer the option of zashiki style seating.
The restaurant’s specialty is no doubt, their extensive range of Grade A3 wagyu beef cuts. As they only import the entire cattle, selection of rare parts differs each day – which further explains the impressive list of customers who have made prior reservations for their specific meat parts that run in limited quantities.
Yakiniku is only available for their dinner menu – where you can opt for a set menu to enjoy a variety of meat cuts, or go ala carte to zoom in on your all-time favourite. Voracious carnivores are challenged to take up their Set CEO, for an all-you-can-eat and drink meal at a charge of $200.
The recommended Sirloin $18.00 has just the right amount of marbling and the Thin Rib $12.00 gave us the perfect chew. While the Beef Chuck $18.00 did not fall short with its succulence, Shout’s favourite of the day is the melt-in-your-mouth Fore Rib $24.00 that kept us grilling slice after slice of this exquisite cut.
Alongside the main stars of the dishes is a wide selection of chicken and pork parts(pork belly, pork jowl) with vegetables such as Eringi Mushroom, Yakiniku-ou Salad and the Namuru Set $8.00 – $12.00.
We appreciate that Yakiniku-Oh Geon uses black charcoal under the gridirons to bring out the charred flavour of the meat that comes with its delightful crisps – a practice that is not commonly seen nowadays.
To accompany the meat cuts, Japanese sake, Shouchu, Chu-hi, Umeshu, Whiskey, and even red/white wine are also available. Their lunch menu provides an affordable and convenient variety, ranging from the Double Yakiniku Rice Bowl Set $22.00 to the most popular Tonpei Curry Rice Set $12.00.
From popular cuts to exotic and rare parts, Yakiniku-Oh Geon definitely stands elbow-to-elbow with the numerous F&B neighbours along the busy Telok Ayer food enclave. It is one place you have to check out for the freshest beef cuts in a true blue Japanese yakiniku atmosphere.
Address: 122 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068591
Opening hours:
Lunch:  Monday – Friday 1100 – 1500
Dinner: Monday – Saturday 1700 – 2300
Contact: +65 6336 3366

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