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Zouk Nightclub Is Now A Spin Studio by Day & Cinema at Night!

Fans of boutique fitness studios will be happy to hear that nightclub Zouk has collaborated with spin and pilates studio Absolute You to transform its dance floor into a rhythm cycling studio, with a capacity of 50 socially-distanced bikes! With these extra slots, you can finally go ahead and plan that spin date with your girlfriends without having to fight for spots on the waitlist.


Just a few months ago, Zouk turned its Capital lounge into a pop-up F&B concept featuring items from popular eateries such as Five Guys. With the effort being a success and Zouk managing to break even, the nightclub has now branched into new initiatives to utilise its unused space while the nightlife scene remains uncertain with no concrete reopening date yet in sight. Now, they can finally put their strobe lights, sound system, and smoke machines back to business. 


With Absolute Cycle being one of the most popular spin studios in Singapore, it is no doubt that this collaboration will be well-received by fitness enthusiasts, especially when spinning is lowkey similar to a great clubbing experience with pumping music and lots of adrenaline. Want to try it out for yourself? The experience is already underway and can be booked by members through Absolute Cycle’s website.


In addition to the collaboration with Absolute Cycle, Zouk will also be offering themed movie nights four times a week, and may even be offering specially-curated food menus to complement the movie experience. Sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it? The plans are still in the works, so expect more details to come soon!


Meanwhile, other nightclubs have also been looking into other ventures to keep their business afloat, with virtue clubbing and F&B offerings in the works. While it’s unlikely that you’ll get your Ladies’ Night back anytime soon, there’s also lots of fun plans in the works to make up for it. Meanwhile, let’s do our part in supporting the local entertainment and nightlife scene to make sure it doesn’t die out.

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