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Singapore’s Latest Insta-Worthy Bars!


Located on the second floor of 7 Purvis Street, TANOKE combines modern Japanese gastronomic delicacies made in the culinary traditions of the Edo period and premium artisanal saké in a contemporary setting, with an aim to bring joy and harmony to people through their interactions with food and saké.

Complete with lush green interiors, and an expert team of experienced specialists, saké sommeliers, and bartenders who work to meticulously curate an unique harmony of flavours, TANOKE’s cuisine is dictated by Chef Rio’s vision of working with the traditional Shichirin Binchotan grill and the best quality ingredients to innovate modern Japanese dishes that reflect their natural flavours and textures.

Priding themselves in successfully harnessing the Binchotan’s ability to retain natural flavours on the best quality meat and seafood, TANOKE invites all guests to indulge in the restaurant’s signature A5 Tochigi Wagyu Ribeye, the Koji-aged Coastal Lamb Rack and Giant Tiger Prawns, alongside its other modern takes such as the Foie Gras Teriyaki and Aburi Kani Miso Senbei or wonderful traditional favourites like the Otoro Aburi handroll and Sansho Pepper Tori Karaage with the best company and over a lovely saké.



Address: 7 Purvis St, Level 2, Singapore 188586

Operating Hours: (Tues-Fri): 11:30am-2pm and 5pm-10:30pm, (Sat): 6pm-10:30pm, (Sun): 11:30am-3pm and 6pm-10:30pm

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Self-described as a “glammed up but not worn-in” bar and spirits room inspired by the back rooms of rock and roll nightclubs from the 1970’s Lower East Side Manhattan, this all-new conceptual space lies hidden behind an unmarked door in Miss Fitz Kitchen & Bar. Characterised by vintage posters, damask wallpaper and red-hued lighting, Roxy facilitates an alluring and intimate atmosphere, making it the ideal hotspot for a romantic night out.

Serving up an unique array of signature drinks in the form of a $23 Widges Gin with St. George Bruto Americano, Rinomato Vermouth and Mancino Kopi Liqueur concoction known as ‘You Don’t Have To Put On That Red Light’, and a $22 Tried & True Vodka with Rinomato Vermouth, Mathilde Framboise Cherry Liqueur, Fresh Lemon and Egg White concoction known as ‘Love Is The Drug’ – Roxy also offers a small selection of bar bites including the classic Soho Pastrami, Lamb Gyro with Tzatziki and Triple Cheese Grilled Cheese sandwich.



Address: 6 Marina Boulevard , 01-19 The Sail at Marina Bay, Singapore 018985

Operating Hours: Wed – Sun: 5 – 10:30pm, closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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Mademoiselle Chen

Conceptualised by a group of Singaporean alcohol enthusiasts, Mademoiselle Chen is an inconspicuous watering hole situated on the 20th storey of Oxley Tower, a mere stone’s throw away from Tanjong Pagar & Telok Ayer MRT Station.

Open daily from 4pm till late, imbibers across Singapore are invited to experience Mademoiselle’s palatial 3,000 square feet interior, and indulge in a variety of premium comestibles, with uninterrupted views of the surrounding skyscrapers.

Heavily inspired by Michelin Star restaurants and world-renowned culinary competitions such as “The Final Table”; guests of Mademoiselle can expect a luxurious display of elevated dishes and meticulously curated beverages such as the Whiskey Sour – one of the restaurant’s many beautifully handcrafted concoctions of bourbon, lemon juice, syrup and egg white topped with cocoa powder in the shape of an ‘M’.

Complete with a wide range of red and white cocktails sourced from vineyards around the globe such as Australia, Argentina, France, Italy, New Zealand and beyond, Mademoiselle Chen is now open for business and will remain in accordance with government’s Phase 3 regulations; whereby consumption of alcohol in public places will cease at 10:30pm.


Mademoiselle Chen

Address: 138, #20-02 Robinson Rd, Oxley Tower, 068906

Operating Hours: (Mon, Tues, Thurs): 4pm-10:30pm, (Wed,Fri,Sat): 4pm-1am

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Club 5

Singapore’s once most celebrated hotspot for anyone seeking a good time has received a total refresh. Delicately balancing nostalgia with modernity, the all-new Club 5 boasts a diverse range of craft cocktails, delectable bar nibbles and great music. Situated in the heart of Singapore’s most vibrant and thriving historical spaces, Club 5 is characterized by its opulent use of heavy, brass-finished glass doors, Art Deco furnishing, marble flooring, smoked mirrors, and the arching brass centerpiece that houses over 150 bottles of classic and homemade creations behind the bar.

Beyond its swanky interior lies an ingenious cocktail menu which pays tribute to the historic district that it’s been set upon. Curated and prepared by Head Bartender Ong Jun Han, the Club 5 menu is thus inspired by scents, flavours, heritage, and sounds of Singapore’s most iconic and culturally-rich zones, including, Kampong Glam, Bugis, Beach Road, and Arab Street.

Despite the risk of leaving guests spoilt for choice, the 20 Houses Tonic is Club 5’s most notable beverage. Regarded as an innovative take on the classic Gin and Tonic, this drink incorporates a touch of cardamom and fresh citrus, and is reminiscent of Sir Stamford Raffles’ 1822 town plan, in which 20 large houses were set aside for visiting European merchants.



Address: 7500 Beach Rd, Singapore 199591

Operating Hours: (Tues-Sat): 11am-10:30pm


Republic Bar

Heavily inspired by the 1960’s which saw the rise of style icons and the legends of rock music, as well as the international jet set, which led to a sophisticated era for cocktailing, this concept pays homage to an era where freedom, expression and individuality were celebrated.

Showcasing flavours, ingredients and sensations inspired by the influential hallmarks of one of the most pivotal eras of the Twentieth Century, Republic Bar features a meticulous curated selection of vintage spirits, and is best known for its diverse range of classic and innovative cocktails, which include, the Shanty, Mythical Beast, Widges Gin Mr. Pickles, T&T Vodka Mini Skirt,   Michter’s Bourbon Stardust, Monkey 47 Gin Velentino Red, Hendricks Gin High Society, and Alipus Mezcal Miura – all worth $25 each.


Republic Bar

Address: 7 Raffles Avenue, Singapore, S039799

Operating Hours: 12pm-11pm, daily

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Projector X

Set to take residence at Riverside Point’s abandoned fourth floor Chinese disco for the next 18 months, Projector X will feature ‘lights brighter than your future’ in an all-new neon Room with artwork by Mojoko, showcasing a cosy and socially distanced 48-seater space, private booths and coffee tables, alongside a big screen experience with wireless headphones for the optimal viewing experience!

Complete with an in-house ‘Riverside bar’, this new and improved pop up space will serve more than just The Projector cinema favourites like chili dogs and grilled cheese sandwiches. Guests seeking new experiences can also expect a variety of small plates and sharing platters with a touch of inspiration from the location’s siam diu past. Think tempeh chips, crab cake burgers and topshell salads with craft beer on draft from Rocky Ridge brewery, an extensive range of bottled craft beers, natural wines and Sunday Punch cocktails!


Project X: Riverside

Address: 30 Merchant Road, Riverside Point #04-13, 058282

Ticket Prices –

(Wed-Thurs): Standard: $18.50 I Standard Combo: $26 | Fan Club: $16.50 I Fan Club Combo: $23.50

(Fri-Sun, Eve of PH and PH): Standard: $20 I Standard Combo: $27.50 | Fan Club: $18 I Fan Club Combo: $25

*Each Combo ticket includes popcorn AND an alcoholic (wine, beer, cocktails) or non-alcoholic drink

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Qīn Restaurant & Bar

Situated along Cross Street – one of Singapore’s proudest preservations known for its history and heritage – the all-new Qīn restaurant and bar celebrates the culinary culture of the past with an exemplary twist. Serving reimagined Chinese classics like the $58 Siphon Mushroom Tea, $25 Chilled Crab Salad and $38 ‘Sang Mein’, Qīn aims to embark guests on a  gastronomic expedition with “piquant flavours that evoke nostalgia and beckon to be indulged”.

Inspired by classic Indonesian grilled meat dishes, the $68 Margaret River 100% Angus Short Rib showcases 400g of premium steak grilled over binchōtan,

spicy peanut espuma and sambal matah, whilst the restaurant’s other offerings such as the $34 Teochew Jade consisting of sustainably-farmed jade perch, salted ume, seasonal peas, tomato broth, and collagen broth, alongside the $38 Canton Crisp, and Hot and Cold “Orh Nee” invite guests to indulge in their favourite childhood flavours.


Qīn Restaurant & Bar

Address: 10 Cross Street, Singapore 048417

Operating Hours: 6:30 am-11:00 am, 11:30 am-3:00 pm, 6:30 pm-10:30 pm, daily

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Opened for the first time on 24th March 2021, this all-new restaurant is unsuspectingly set within one of innumerable shophouses along 62 Tras Street. Featuring an exquisitely elegant interior with intricate detailing, ANJU incorporates predominantly dark wood elements which include plush sofa tables, traditional panelling, and carved dividers.

Helmed by Chef Kim, ANJU presents a modern and contemporary Korean menu that pairs exceptionally well with the restaurant’s vast array of drinks. Inspired by a country that is famed for its drinking culture, ANJU aims to break free from old world cultures and introduce an unique Korean alcohol selection that is new even to some Koreans.

Of the restaurant’s diverse selection of snacks, cold and hot mains, craft beers, soft drinks, fruit wines, and liquor, guests are invited to indulge in ANJU’s $16 Black Bean Mascarpone served with oven baked sourdough, the $24 Domi Carpaccio garnished with Yuja marinated seaweed and dotted with Barley Makjang, the $22 Hwangtae Sweet and Spicy which consists of dry-aged Pollak fries with Korean Shishito peppers, coated in sweet chili oil, the $32 Jeju Mandarin fruit wine, and $25 Strong Man rice liquor.



Address: 62 Tras St, Singapore 079001

Operating Hours: (Tues-Sat): 6pm-10:30pm

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Situated in the heart of town, at ION Orchard, Sen-Ryo serves up a multitude of culturally-inspired dishes comprising of sustainably-grown Koshihikari rice from the Aomori prefecture, fresh seafood imported twice weekly from the renowned Toyosu Fish Market, fragrant artisanal vinegar traditionally fermented in the Gifu prefecture, and shoyu from Igagoe, brewed for an extensive period of one year for enhanced flavour.

Greeting guests with an impressive liquor bar, decked in a myriad of exquisite sake and shochu from Japan, Sen-Ryo features strips of warm lighting, and thin columns of wood which serve as a divider between the bar and sushi counter. Offering a selection of Japanese fruit wine, including the fragrant Kodakara Yamagata La France ($11 for 100ml and $75 for 720ml), and citrusy Bijoufu Yuzu Shuwa ($9 for 100ml, and $40 for 500ml), the restaurant also serves an exquisite collection of sake in the form of the $238 Ohime 2 Grain Hiire Yamadanishiki from the Yamaguchi prefecture, $105 Hyakujuro Jumai Daiginjyo Black Face from the Gifu prefecture.



Address: 03-14 Orchard Turn, 14A 2, Singapore 238801

Operating Hours: 11:30am-10:30pm, daily

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