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Breadtalk Unveils New Gen Concept Outlet At Orchard Road, Along With Soy Milk On Tap, Truffle Crepe Sandwich & Matcha White Chocolate Cookies(And Many More)!

Breadtalk is undoubtedly one of the household names when it comes to bakeries. With their dedicated team of bakers and experts, they have recently launched a series of new products, including chilled sandwiches, fresh bakes and soy milk beverages. We had the privilege of trying out some of their latest releases, and here’s our honest review!

Soy Milk On Tap

They are serving a range of soy milk drinks, delivered freshly from their soy milk on tap! We tried the Soy Yammy($2.70) and Soy Azuki($2.60) and was definitely not disappointed. Each drink is topped with Soy-based whipped cream and their new and improved pork floss! But hold your judgements, because we felt like this unconventional condition of pork floss and soy milk was actually refreshing! For someone who hates whipped cream, I actually enjoyed the fluffiness of the soy whipped cream! It was light in flavour as well, thus it complemented the main body of the drinks. Each sip was a party of texture, with bits of Azuki red beans as well as the floss adding onto the flavour as well!

Chilled Sandwiches

Let’s start off with their new chilled sandwich flavours: Truffle Crepe & Strawberry Sandwich. The Truffle Crepe Sandwich is a savoury sandwich that features rich truffle cream layered between thinly sliced egg crepes. We really loved the strong truffle aroma, so this sandwich was definitely one of our favourites out of the series. According to the representative, each egg crepe piece strictly kept to a 0.1mm thickness, which really shows the dedication of their team of bakers. There is also a sweet option, such as the Strawberry Sandwich which features a generous amount of freshly prepared strawberry jam with pieces of dark chocolate crunch, and in the centre: a thick piece of buttercream!

Truffle Tower

We were surprised to learn that these cone-shaped confections were handmade to geometrical perfection. This chocolate-layered croissant features a rather unique centre: a combination of truffle cream and mousse! We felt that this new bun was both a visual and delicious treat! The truffle cream, once again, gave this bun a rather premium touch!

Pol Kabocha

Inspired by Yayoi Kusama(best known for her Polka Dot artwork), this bun is a standalone art piece on its own. Filled with pumpkin-flavoured paste, this piece of bun will surely appeal to both the eye and your taste bud!

Matcha White Chocolate Cookie

Breadtalk takes on soft-baked cookies in this latest release! The Matcha White Chocolate Cookie features a strong matcha aroma, coupled with bits of sweet white chocolate that melts in your mouth! The center of this cookie seats a melted piece of the nostalgic White Rabbit Candy, which was a pleasant surprise that brought us fond memories of our childhood!

Do note that the Soy Milk on Tap is only available at the new concept outlet located at Wheelock Place!

Breadtalk @ Wheelock Place

Address: 501 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238880

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