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Dum Dum Thai Drinks – Popular Thai Milk Tea And Coffee Coming To SG This November!

More than just Thai Milk Tea for those with BKK withdrawals

DD1Source: Dum Dum Thai Drinks SG

You’re in luck if you can’t get enough of Thai iced tea – the wildly popular Dum Dum Thai Drinks will be opening an outlet in Bukit Panjang Plaza towards the end of November!

DD3Source: Dum Dum Thai Drinks SG 

With over 18k following on Instagram, Dum Dum originates from Indonesia and is known for using only quality tea and coffee imported from various regions in Thailand coupled with authentic Thai tea brewing techniques.

Well-known for tasting just like the real deal back in Thailand, the best part about Dum Dum is that they carry a wide range of local-favourite Thai beverages, including iced teas, chocolate  and coffee drinks.

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Opt for the famous Thai Milk Tea ($2.50) or Thai Green Milk Tea ($2.60) if you need a refreshing drink to beat Singapore’s sweltering heat!

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For those who don’t favour milk teas, Dum Dum has thirst-quenching iced teas in store for you. Choose from the Limeade ($3.30), Honey Lime Tea ($3.60) or Thai Lime Green Tea ($2.80)!

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DD5Source: Dum Dum Thai Drinks SG

  If you’re more of a coffee person, get your daily coffee fix with Dum Dum’s Thai Coffee ($2.50) that will keep you energised throughout the day!

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They’ve even got chocolate lovers covered with their rich and chocolatey Premium Iced Dark Chocolate!

DD8Source: Dum Dum Thai Drinks Malaysia

So keep a lookout for Dum Dum’s opening here and drop by once it opens to enjoy their delicious drinks!

(Note: The prices may not be accurate as they are converted from RM to SGD from Dum Dum Thai Drink Malaysia’s menu.)

Dum Dum Thai Drinks

Address: Bukit Panjang Plaza, 1 Jelebu Road, 677743

Opening Hours: TBA


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